Minions cakes

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These little yellow, big eyes chubbies are one of my favorites. Banaaaanaaaaa time party for bro & sis Melle and Liene to celebrate their birthday!!! Vanilla sponge filled with seasonable strawberries  

Chip & Dale cake

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This cake was a big surprise for the little birthday boy! I had so much fun making Chip and Dale. My little client loves apples, so it was time to tried a new recipe of apple cake! The result….tda! a … Continued

Princess Celestia cake

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Yeah I made my first horse out of fondant and the birthday girl was so in love with her princess celestia topper!!! Let’s party begin with this dream cake      

Choco macarons cake

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Chocolate cake is the first choice at home when we have a celebration! So to celebrate daddy’s b-day I made this delicious choco cake filled and covered with ganache. For decoration I used some macarons from the shop and paper … Continued

Elsa topper cake

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The frozen fever is still in the air! I enjoyed making these two little Elsa toppers, of course, they are different from each other, that’s what make every one special.Delicious ground cinnamon apple cake filled with caramel buttercream  

Cowgirl party

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Little cowgirl Ella’s party. She adores horses, specially little ponies! Chocolate cake filled with fudge, choco cupcakes with a choco creamcheese topping and cute little horses vanilla cookies

Pillow Wedding cake

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Romantic pillow wedding cake. Glorious victoria sponge filled with cheese cream icing, forest fruits compote and fresh raspberries/blackberries. I prefer to use ganache (white chocolate) to frost the sponge, specially if it is for a wedding cake, you get a … Continued

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